Clovis Grinand



PhD in "Information Systems for the Localized Management of the Territories", from AgroParisTech, Engref and SupAgro, he is expert in remote sensing, pedology, forestry, agronomy, geomophology and modeling on projects related to forestry and agriculture, development of innovative tools, scientific publications, impact measurement studies.

He spent three years as a research engineer at the IRD. He joined GoodPlanet in May 2011 to devote himself to the work of remote sensing and modeling on projects related to forestry and agriculture. In 2012, he joined Etc Terra and initiated the creation of the Etc Lab', this scientific laboratory involved in many Etc Terra projects.

Project Manager
Years of experience
13 years
Key qualifications
  • Research and development

    • Development of innovative tools and methodology, quality control and accuracy assessment, capacity building, peer-review journal publication
  • Field of expertise

    • Implementation of environmental studies involving soil science, forestry, agronomy, hydrology and earth observation expertise, from landscape to national scale.
  • Technical skills

    • Ability to use a large panel of software within the domain of GIS, Database Management, Remote Sensing and Spatial Modelling.
  • Project management

    • Implementation of Landscape Management project, technical and financial proposal, multi stakeholder discussion, monitoring and reporting
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